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The ins and outs of talent management tools

Today, human resources departments are tasked with sifting through an overwhelming amount of resumes to find the right candidate. Many organizations are adopting talent management software as a solution to the "war for talent." It serves as a means to recruit and retain high-quality employees. How can human resources hire the best individual for the job without spending hours on each applicant?

In this classroom, Yvette Cameron, Constellation Research vice president and principal analyst, explains how talent management tools can help. However, businesses should not go into the selection process with a blind eye. She outlines some of the top issues of interest to HR managers, recruiters, IT professionals and service providers.

Before exploring all of the options talent management can contribute to businesses, it's important to gain an understanding of the basics.

Cameron also discusses popular talent modules, such as e-recruiting, training and performance reviews. Tune in now to uncover the role of technology in today's talent management landscape.

Core lessons include the following:

  • The basics of talent management software
  • How to achieve the benefits of talent management software
  • Common questions regarding talent management
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