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Oracle HCM strategy VP talks unified vs. integrated systems

Oracle's first-ever HCM World Conference, hosted at the Venetian in Las Vegas, featured a wide variety of speakers -- Oracle HCM users, industry experts, CEO Larry Ellison and even a neuroscientist. The lineup reflected the vendor's stated intention to focus the event on thought leadership and best practices. In this video, Gretchen Alarcon, Oracle's vice president of HCM strategy gave her view on the most important topics discussed during the conference.

Alarcon also weighed in on the unified vs. integrated HCM systems debate. At the end of 2013, several experts predicted that integrated systems would begin to fall out of favor this year; as Naomi Bloom, managing partner of Bloom & Wallace, put it, "Every dollar spent making it work is a dollar [companies] don't have for innovation." Discover how Alarcon positioned Oracle on the spectrum.

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