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MIPRO Enterprises explains move from Workday to Oracle Fusion HCM

The human capital management (HCM) software market is contentious, with Oracle, SAP and Workday each battling to emerge as the leader. At Oracle's first-ever HCM World conference in Las Vegas, executives Larry Ellison and Mark Hurd made it clear that Oracle plans to aggressively pursue the space and detailed the differentiating features -- including a consumer-based user interface and an integrated social network -- that they feel give Oracle HCM Cloud the leg up.

Several Oracle HCM users also presented at the event to provide their perspective. On the second day of the conference, representatives from MIPRO Enterprises led a session on the company's decision to move from Workday to Oracle Fusion HCM. In this video, Jeff Micallef, MIPRO co-founder and managing partner, and Anne Meyer, HCM practice director, describe the challenges with Workday that led them to consider alternative systems. They also talk about how they weighed their options and the reasons the company ultimately selected Fusion HCM.

Editor's note: MIPRO Consulting, one of four businesses contained within MIPRO Enterprises, is a current Oracle PeopleSoft and former Workday partner. Bernadette Sprawka, CFO of MIPRO Enterprises, had the following to say about MIPRO Consulting's relationship with Workday: "MIPRO Consulting was a Workday partner for four years. At the time there was not enough implementation opportunities to keep all the partners busy, so we made the business decision to close the Workday practice. The departure was on good terms. MiPro Enterprises continued to use Workday HCM and Financials for the next two years."

As for the choice to adopt Oracle Fusion HCM, Sprawka said, "Our decision to move forward with Oracle [HCM Cloud] was based on the broad scope system needs of all of the companies. To say our decision is based on partnership or politics is plainly not true." 

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