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HireVue VP weighs in on video interviewing discrimination fears

The benefits of video interviewing technology in today's digital world are fairly compelling. According to both experts and users, video interviews mean less time coordinating people's schedules, reduced candidate travel cost and the ability for hiring managers to review pre-recorded applicant responses at their convenience, among other advantages. But there's a dark side that often prevents HR leaders from investigating the technology -- the perceived potential for discrimination.

At Oracle's first-ever HCM World conference in Las Vegas, Josh Schwede, vice president of business development at HireVue, a video interviewing technology vendor, challenged this common perception. According to Schwede, incorporating video interviewing in hiring can actually safeguard employers against discrimination claims by bringing more consistency to the process. In addition, Schwede claimed that video interviewing software can also improve the candidate experience by making interviews more convenient for candidates. And with candidate experience a growing area of concern for many HR departments, this could be an important benefit.

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