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Global HR management at Emerson Electric is going to Oracle HCM Cloud

The Emerson Electric Co. is seeking improved security and other benefits under a plan to consolidate various tools around the world into an integrated Oracle HCM Cloud system for global HR management.

During Oracle HCM World in Boston, Jim Rhodes, vice president of HRIS at Emerson Electric, says his company plans to replace on-premises PeopleSoft and Oracle E-Business Suite with cloud-based Oracle software for talent management, succession planning, payroll and other functions. The global HR management system will be implemented over the next two to three years, he says.

"I feel very excited about doing this implementation," Rhodes says in an interview. "It is going to bring us much greater capability than we have today to manage our workforce more effectively."

Rhodes says the main difficulty is the sheer size of the effort for global human resource management.

"It is big, right? We have to manage each of the moving pieces carefully to make sure we get things sequenced in and we also have to take advantage of the new functionality the new system brings."

Head count is expected to be a key benefit of the software for global HR management. The company's existing disparate systems around the globe currently make it difficult to count employees, he says.

"By the time you gather the data from all your locations and you consolidate it, the data is already old," he says. "This will give us the ability within minutes to understand exactly how many employees we have at any given point in time."

Rhodes says the Oracle HCM Cloud will also provide a more secure platform for core HR and other data for Emerson Electric, a St. Louis-based company that designs and manufactures products and delivers services in industrial, commercial and consumer sectors.

"What we discovered is that companies like Oracle are in a much better position to secure our employee data for us. We manufacture products for our customers. That is what our shareholders want us focused on and that is what we do best."

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