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Employee engagement technology can improve benefits administration

When Todd McAllister, advisory principal for consulting giant KPMG, is called in to evaluate a client's human capital management systems, improving benefits administration is often part of the challenge and employee engagement technology, just as often, is part of the answer.

"Benefits is part of driving engagement," McAllister says in this video recorded at the Oracle HCM World conference in Boston.

Employee engagement technology is intertwined both with core HCM software and benefits administration components, McAllister says.

Employers can optimize benefits administration with employee engagement technology in tandem with modern HCM strategies such as moving to the cloud, improving access to employee data and making changes more quickly.

Benefits is part of driving engagement.
Todd McAllisteradvisory principal, KPMG

In addition, portals, mobile platforms and "things that touch the employee every day" are necessary parts of effective employee engagement technology, McAllister says.

McAllister notes that there is convergence between benefits administration and healthcare and insurance providers' new emphasis on corporate wellness and health programs.

"If people are more healthy, there are fewer claims and they're going to the doctor less," McAllister says.

Employee engagement technology helps make that happen, he says.

"Within our clients' business, they want to hire the right people, develop those people and then they don't want those people to leave," he says in the video. "So, wellness is … a big component to help them drive further engagement."

Employee engagement technology, McAllister says, often revolves around social media and app-like strategies that create a "stickiness" that can keep employees -- particularly younger ones -- involved with their benefits and other aspects of their jobs.

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