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Employee engagement software augments HCM benefits administration

Employee engagement software for benefits administration goes beyond moving old-school printed benefits information online.

Veteran human capital management tech thinkers such as Bertrand Dussert, vice president of HCM transformation and thought leadership at Oracle, believe the employee engagement software component of HCM systems can supercharge benefits administration just as it does core HR functions.

"It's the ability to have a better data stream on the back end, one unified employee experience, so [it's] the same exact look and feel I use to look at my information in any other area -- whether it's my talent profile [or] a potential next role I want to apply to internally," Dussert says in this video recorded at the 2017 Oracle HCM World conference in Boston.

I can look at my benefits plan. I can make benefits selections. It's mobile-enabled, it's user-friendly, and I'm not system hopping.
Bertrand Dussertvice president of HCM and thought leadership at Oracle

"I can look at my benefits plan. I can make benefits selections," he says. "It's mobile-enabled, it's user-friendly, and I'm not system hopping. It's just making it frictionless in terms of [making it] part of one experience ... and tied to everything else that HR does."

How can employee engagement software help workers take more control over their own benefits, which in turn can make them happier employees?

Part of it is more benefits transparency, and part is integrating modern wellness and fitness technologies with HR systems.

"One way is to give them more visibility into what they have," Dussert says. "What's my total compensation? What's the real value of the benefits the company is actually providing for me? But then also provide ways for employees to engage in maybe nontraditional ways, like integration with a Fitbit, a fitness challenge."

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