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Cloud-based HR software could be game changer for Life Care Services

Life Care Services believes that Oracle cloud-based HR software will be a game changer when it replaces Oracle on-premises software and other bolt-on systems.

The Oracle HCM Cloud, planned to go live in two phases on Nov. 1 and Jan. 1 of 2018, will be for 23,000 employees at Life Care Services, which owns and manages more than 140 retirement and elderly living communities in 33 states, says Mark Heston, senior vice president and chief human resources officer at the company, which is based in Des Moines, Iowa.

The most important aspect of the Oracle HCM Cloud is that it will integrate functions currently handled by a set of disparate HR products, he says. That will improve scale and data integrity.

"I personally think it is game changer for us," Heston says. "I think it is going to put us well ahead of our competitors in the industry."

Working with Drivestream as a partner, Life Care Services began implementing the cloud-based HR software in January 2017.

The cloud-based HR software will replace on-premises Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle Taleo Onboard and Recruiting and other software such as on-premises WingSpan, a product of SilkRoad, for performance management software.

The cloud-based HR software will provide a whole suite of functions including core HR, onboarding and recruiting and payroll across all entities, Heston says.

Lisa Ryan, director of HR for Life Care Services, says Oracle HCM Cloud will help improve workflow and reduce administrative work during a structural change or when people are hired or moved within the company.

"It is one integrated system," she says. "At the moment, we have a collection of systems that don't necessarily talk to each other because they are provided by different companies."

The cloud-based HR software will also provide improved analytics for assessing turnover or recruiting, Ryan says. By using HR data analytics, the company might see that turnover could be linked to a failure to complete onboarding or training, whereas right now the company can only run turnover reports that say who left from what department and how long they stayed, she says.

"It will help us understand better what we need to do to try to mitigate turnover in a particular area," she says.

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