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With many Baby Boomers retiring, companies need to plan for the next leaders, and those in the Generation X and Millennial generations will need training to fill the vacated roles. This resource tackles why succession planning software is critical in light of these workforce changes, criteria for choosing the best software, how to create a successful succession planning process, and other expert advice for cultivating talented leaders that give your company the competitive edge.

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  • employee onboarding and offboarding

    Employee onboarding and offboarding are two core HR activities that are gaining in importance. Continue Reading

  • succession planning

    Succession planning is the process of developing talent to replace executive, leadership or other key employees when they transition to another role, leave the company, are fired, retire or die. Continue Reading

  • talent pipeline

    A talent pipeline is a pool of candidates who are ready to fill a position. These can be employees who are prospects for advancement or external candidates partially or fully prequalified to take an opening. Continue Reading

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