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Bersin names disruptive HR technology trends for 2016

'Appification' of HR and new cloud-based tools for employee engagement, feedback and performance are enabling the democratization of HR processes.

LAS VEGAS -- Cloud-based learning, collaboration and performance management are among the HR technology trends that are conspiring to put more control over HR processes in the hands of employees and managers, according to a new report released at the HR Technology Conference & Exposition.

In this podcast recorded at the conference, Josh Bersin, principal at Bersin by Deloitte, based in Oakland, Calif., shared findings from his firm's report, titled, "HR Technology for 2016: 10 Big Disruptions on the Horizon."

"There's a whole number of things that are going on in the tech and the HR tech area," Bersin said. "The key theme of them is moving the focus away from HR users to employees and managers. So, the really powerful new solutions are designed to give information directly to managers and employees to make them more productive, to make their life better [and] to improve their engagement and learning."

The growth in mobile tools for employee performance management is among the HR technology trends identified in the report. "Companies are now looking for ways to make that more agile [and] quick, do feedback and check-ins every week, every month [and] goal management that can be changed regularly," he said. "There are lots of tools for that."

Another one of the top HR technology trends is the emergence of user-friendly software for "culture management" and employee feedback. "The traditional annual engagement survey is becoming a dinosaur," Bersin said. "Companies are still doing it, but they're simply not getting much value out of it."

Josh BersinJosh Bersin

A flurry of new tools designed to assess engagement and encourage regular feedback has emerged to facilitate more effective communication. The growth of a new class of predictive analytics tools -- another of the HR technology trends Bersin named for 2016 -- helps managers to gain insights into what's going on in the organization.

In addition, the major ERP vendors have gone into talent management in a big way, according to Bersin. "Large companies are now doing bakeoffs amongst these very, very large vendors, and the remaining talent management software companies -- many of whom were very, very successful in the early part of the market -- are now having to find ways to fit in the middle," he said. Coinciding with that trend is the emergence of a new breed of cloud-based learning and payroll products, as well as integrated HR suites, for small and medium-sized businesses.

Bersin elaborated on some of the other disruptive HR technology trends, including the "appification" of HR software, video learning, HR analytics and "hiring success" platforms for recruiting that he said will probably replace traditional applicant tracking systems.

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