Gartner Magic Quadrant for talent management suite: Five takeaways


Embedded HR analytics in talent management are still immature

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According to the Magic Quadrant report, fewer than 25% of survey respondents said they were satisfied with talent management software's reporting and analytics functions. But interest in HR analytics is on the rise, according to Kutik.

Kutik is co-chair of the annual HR Technology Conference, and he said a breakout session on HR analytics was the most heavily attended at the 2012 event. "The push for HR analytics has been going on from the vendor and consultant side for a long time, [and] judging from the audience of that session, [HR analytics is] beginning to take hold," he said. "They're coming around, finally, and realizing what isn't measured can't be managed."

He added that while HR analytics are now being embedded within talent management suites, which is a positive development, there are also a number of specialty workforce analytics vendors on the market that could also be useful in kick-starting HR analytics campaigns.

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