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Ceridian Dayforce HCM updates, more unveiled at Insights 2017

HCM suite vendor Ceridian, at its Insights 2017 user forum, unveils a new Dayforce software partner ecosystem, plus a new learning module and native U.K. payroll functionality.

The Ceridian Dayforce HCM suite will become the hub of an HR tech ecosystem built around integrating outside applications...

with Dayforce.

Ceridian said its new Dayforce Software Partner Program, which the company expects to be ready by the end of the year, will enable customers to more easily use specialized HR applications, even if the customer is already using the Ceridian Dayforce HCM platform.

"Essentially, we're building an ecosystem for partners, whether they be software partners or systems integrators, to be able to extend or enhance the Dayforce product," Jim Jensen, senior vice president of global partners and alliances, told SearchHRSoftware in an interview.

Comparison to Salesforce ecosystem

Jim Jensen, CeridianJim Jensen

Jensen compared the Ceridian plan, unveiled at the company's Insights 2017 user conference, to a nascent version of what Salesforce has developed into an expansive customer relationship management ecosystem, with hundreds of co-developers, partners and customers using the giant CRM vendor's underlying technology.

Essentially, Ceridian will make its APIs available to partners and customers that want to extend Ceridian Dayforce HCM data across other HR tech applications. Ceridian also sees the concept as a service-oriented architecture built with the same code, Jensen said.

In addition to the partner program, Ceridian said it will have a native United Kingdom payroll system by the end of 2017; the vendor now has U.S. and Canadian payroll versions. The HCM vendor also unveiled a new learning module, Dayforce Learning, which uses content from learning management system vendor Docebo.

Specialized applications

As for the partner program, Jensen said in addition to its potential to widen Ceridian's market reach, it will give Ceridian Dayforce HCM users the opportunity to add the applications they prefer, while remaining with Ceridian's recruitment, onboarding, benefits and talent management tools.

He cited Cornerstone OnDemand as an example, saying customers could perhaps choose a hybrid approach by using Cornerstone's established learning management system alongside Ceridian's learning module. Or, users could opt for Cornerstone or another vendor's HR subsystem.

Essentially, we're building an ecosystem for partners, whether they be software partners or systems integrators, to be able to extend or enhance the Dayforce product.
Jim Jensensenior vice president of global partners and alliances at Ceridian

Also, Ceridian envisions the partner system partly as relieving it of the burden of building customized third-party integrations.

"We kind of have to do it new each time, and the customers [have] to pay for that," Jensen said. "And so we thought what if we flip the model, build this platform and this ecosystem and the plumbing, and give partners the power and the tools to build, manage and administer the integration to us?"

Ceridian is planning to charge partners annual subscription rates ranging from $10,000 to $20,000, depending on the level of integration.

Jensen said Ceridian has about 25 customers signed up for the program and expects to quickly add another few dozen. "It's moving quick," he said.

Analyst sees Ceridian progression

Ceridian's moves show the vendor is serious about growing strategically, said Brent Skinner, principal analyst for HCM at Boston-based Nucleus Research, who was briefed on the partner program and other new Ceridian Dayforce HCM capabilities.

"The software partner program is the next logical step for Ceridian with Dayforce," Skinner said. "Ceridian is executing faithfully on an extremely aggressive product roadmap."

Skinner noted that other full HCM suite vendors that are among Ceridian's competitors already have similar programs.

"So, this is a big milestone for Ceridian," he said.

Skinner said Ceridian's alliance with Docebo makes Ceridian a kind of HR tech "omnivore," able to provide its own learning technology, while also playing well with others, such as Cornerstone and Skillsoft.

As for the native U.K. payroll application, Skinner said few vendors other than ADP "are truly viable options when it comes to global payroll."

Ceridian -- which said it would soon release native payroll capabilities for Australia and other countries in Asia, the Middle East and Europe -- showed it is moving in that global direction, Skinner said.

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