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Online benefits enrollment vendor integrates with ADP payroll

A SaaS benefits enrollment vendor integrates its tool with ADP. An HR outsourcing vendor intros a new UI. And a recruiting software vendor upgrades its platform.

EaseCentral, an online benefits enrollment vendor that aims its cloud-based services mostly at insurance brokers,...

has unveiled an integration with ADP.

In addition to online benefits enrollment, with the ADP connection, users can also set up payroll for small and medium-sized businesses, synchronize benefits and payroll systems and populate deduction changes made during open enrollment.

"Brokers are now able to go out to [an] employer and offer what is obviously the number one payroll provider in America and not only provide a paperless enrollment solution, but they can also onboard for their payroll setup," David Reid, CEO and co-founder of EaseCentral, told SearchFinancialApplications.

"EaseCentral's clients can access preintegrated workforce data in real time through one intuitive platform," Don Weinstein, chief strategy officer at ADP, said in a release.

Along with the integration of online benefits enrollment and payroll, EaseCentral has introduced a mobile version of its application.

Tech outsourcing provider upgrades platform

Brokers are now able to go out to [an] employer and offer what is obviously the number one payroll provider in America and not only provide a paperless enrollment solution, but they can also onboard for their payroll setup.
David ReidEaseCentral

A leading HR tech outsourcing provider for SMBs has redesigned and upgraded its UI and platform.

TriNet Group, Inc. said in a release that the new version unifies in a single UI a range of HR functions, including payroll processing and data; online benefits enrollment and life status changes; hiring, including applicant tracking and onboarding; time-off tracking, time and attendance; immigration and visa tracking; and expense management.

TriNet said it has improved the user experience with personal dashboards, mobile-first design, company announcement capabilities, organizational charts and APIs for integration with other systems, such as QuickBooks.

"Our next-generation solution has been designed to make HR easier for both employers and employees," Jimmy Franzone, vice president for corporate development at TriNet, said in a release. "Clients have asked us for a more streamlined way of succeeding with their HR."

Analytics module added to talent acquisition software

Talent acquisition software vendor Lever has introduced a new analytics module that it says allows employers to more easily track, measure and optimize candidate sourcing.

The system, Lever Nurture Reports, works with the company's core platform, Lever Nurture.

"With Lever Nurture Reports we … are giving our customers immediate access to the insights they need to assess, up-level and prove the value of their sourcing strategy," Lever CEO Sarah Nahm said in a release.

The analytics tool highlights companywide sourcing activity and allows employers to see if their recruiting strategies are effective, according to the release.

Reports enable recruiters to identify top-performing sourcing campaigns with details about response rates and which campaigns lead to successful hires, the release said.

Employers can view data by user, posting, sender, source and other origins. This capability, according to Lever, enables users to get insights, such as the best sourcers on a team, jobs where sourcing work yields the best results and which team members get the best response rates.

Users can also focus in beyond high-level results to answer more granular questions, like how an individual sourcer's campaigns are performing for a specific role, Lever said.

All Lever customers will get the analytics module in July 2017, the company said. 

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