Ceridian's new compensation management software aimed at retaining talent

Ceridian unveils compensation management software as part of its Dayforce HCM system, ADP upgrades wage garnishment module and MetricStream offers new GRC platform.

Ceridian HCM Inc. has unveiled compensation management software, called Dayforce Compensation Management, which...

augments its Dayforce HCM system.

The Minneapolis-based company is positioning the new compensation management software as a tool for employers to help acquire and retain talent by rewarding employees fairly, equitably and competitively.

Ceridian said in a release that the new system gives executives HR compensation data to improve accuracy and coordinate compensation with guidelines across the entire enterprise "by replacing disparate systems with a single, robust application."

"By including wider HR data in compensation processes, organizations can make better compensation decisions to support employee engagement," David Ossip, Ceridian's chairman and CEO, said in the release.

As part of Dayforce HCM, compensation management is integrated with other HR functions, such as performance management.

By being part of the same software system that supports core HR and payroll, organizations can make compensation changes immediately without the need to make external integrations, the company said.

Ceridian said its research shows three-quarters of organizations assign high importance to having compensation management software available to support other human capital management (HCM) processes.

Using compensation management technology to improve acquisition and retention can also improve employee satisfaction, the company said.

ADP enhances wage garnishment technology

In a release, ADP said its enhanced wage garnishment module, which works with the ADP SmartCompliance system, will help employers better comply with state and federal laws while withholding employees' wages to satisfy a debt.

By including wider HR data in compensation processes, organizations can make better compensation decisions to support employee engagement.
David Ossipchairman and CEO, Ceridian

According to ADP data for 2017, one in 14 U.S. employees has a wage garnishment, and of those, 12% have more than one garnishment. Also, companies with more than 5,000 employees have the highest garnishment rate, at 8.6%.

Problems with wage garnishment -- such as failure to calculate and withhold the correct amount of pay, submit required responses and notifications, and hold or remit payments to the correct parties -- can expose employers to litigation, fines and employee frustration, the release said.

The upgraded wage garnishment system is outsourced to ADP, which provides call centers and support and management from experts.

ADP said the new module:

  • Offers an intuitive interface to track critical tracks and give time-sensitive alerts;
  • Processes garnishment information securely and quickly with direct integration to payroll systems and a rules engine that automates lien processing; and
  • Gives employers visibility into the garnishment process with near-real-time document processing and search functions.

ADP SmartCompliance is a cloud-based system of outsourced services that work with many major payroll, HR and financial systems for employers to manage compliance with key HCM laws.

New GRC platform from MetricStream

MetricStream Inc., an independent governance, risk and compliance software vendor, has released its M7 platform and collection of apps for risk, compliance, audit, IT security, third-party management and other GRC professionals.

The Palo Alto, Calif., firm calls the new platform "fourth-generation GRC technology." The cloud-based platform and apps provide an engaging user interface, wide configurability, mobility, advanced reporting and analytics, and a scalable architecture, according to a release.

In addition to apps for risk management, regulatory and compliance, audit management, IT security and third-party management professionals, the company released the MetricStream Survey Management App.

The app automates management of surveys for systems and process compliance, risk assessment, HR policy awareness and legal attestations.

The app's reporting engine, built on top of the MetricStream GRC Platform, aggregates survey data and enables enterprise-wide accessibility of survey data.

"M7 gives our customers real-time intelligence that they need to anticipate risk and balance opportunities effectively," MetricStream CEO Shellye Archambeau said in the release.

The survey management app can be integrated with other apps, such as the ones for compliance, risk and third-party management, to enable intelligence collection across the enterprise and business partners, according to the company.

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