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ADP Workforce Now adds compensation, gets closer to full TM suite

In this news roundup, learn about new ADP Workforce Now features and find out where analyst firm Ovum thinks Host Analytics could improve.

ADP one step closer to full talent management suite

Human capital management (HCM) software vendor and HR services provider ADP announced new features in its Workforce Now product last week during a virtual "Midmarket Movers" event.

A new Affordable Care Act compliance dashboard helps managers track healthcare coverage elections and measurement periods, and more countries were added to the list of supported geographies, now numbering more than 30. ADP analytics were also rolled out to Workforce Now clients, with benchmarking capabilities slated for availability in the summer, and a new application programming interface library "allows [customers] to extend [their] service across third-party applications by offering hundreds of HCM-related data fields," said Vice President and Workforce Now Chief Product Owner Jennifer Cambern.

ADP also debuted a compensation management module for Workforce Now, which Cambern said is a "stepping stone" for the vendor to complete its talent management suite. With the addition of compensation management, ADP is now only missing one necessary component: learning. Cambern said this function is on the road map and will be launched next year.

Recruiting technology underused by organizations

HR professionals are well aware that a "war for talent" is on, and thus, recruiting efforts have intensified in recent years. But according to new research from Brandon Hall Group, it seems many HR departments are clinging to old weapons and strategies to fight a new war. In the Delray Beach, Fla.-based firm's State of Talent Acquisition 2014 report, Talent Acquisition Analyst Kyle Lagunas highlighted the mismatch between heightened priority and outdated processes.

"Hiring better talent is a top priority for 61% of organizations in 2014. What few employers understand, however, is that the ability to hire better talent is largely dependent on the ability to attract more talent. Only 39% of organizations listed attracting more talent as a priority, and less than 21% listed improving candidate experience as a primary goal for 2014," Lagunas wrote in the report's executive summary. "This giant disconnect between priority and process indicates that many organizations are still wrapping their heads around the role that employer brand and candidate experience play in attracting-- and thereby hiring -- better talent."

The survey also found that the majority of organizations are not investing in the latest talent acquisition technology. Fewer than 3% of respondents had a full recruiting software suite in place, and upwards of 90% did not have mobile or social talent acquisition strategies, with nearly half of all respondents indicating that their organizations only use Microsoft Outlook and Excel to handle recruiting. And neglecting to incorporate dedicated technology into the recruiting process has bearing on its effectiveness: While 70% of respondents who self-identified as having effective talent acquisition processes employed a mix of applicant tracking and point systems in their recruiting functions, only 41% of the slightly or not-effective organizations boasted the same technology portfolio.

So what steps can companies take to achieve the goal of hiring better talent? According to Lagunas, it's time for some spring cleaning in the recruiting department.

"The most effective hiring organizations have begun to understand that high-quality candidates expect high-quality process," he wrote. "This means offering a vastly improved candidate experience, rolling out a more robust onboarding process, and investing in new talent acquisition technology."

Host Analytics should sharpen data visualization functions, Ovum says

Corporate performance management software (CPM) vendor Host Analytics' data visualization capabilities need further tuning, according to London-based analyst firm Ovum. In a recent SWOT assessment, which examines a vendor's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, Information Management Senior Analyst Surya Mukherjee wrote: "Host Analytics currently offers an embedded visual environment for easy dashboarding, reporting and collaboration, but stops short of offering advanced data discovery capabilities, which could allow users to visually identify patterns or anomalies in data. Ovum believes that the company needs to further enhance its visualization capabilities in tune with market demand."

However, this was one of only three weaknesses, and Mukherjee listed six strengths. Support for online analytical processing (OLAP), a pre-integrated external data aggregation engine named Decision Hub, and the vendor's AirLiftXL Microsoft Excel migration tool, were highlighted as strong points, among others. Mukherjee also pointed out that Host Analytics has a large user base, and wrote that the CPM suite is "technically sound."

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