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Monster and Workday acquire social sourcing tools: news roundup

The social sourcing market is hot, as evidenced by the recent acquisitions of Identified and TalentBin.

Monster procures social sourcing and recruiting technology

Monster Worldwide Inc., the New York-based parent company of job website, has acquired two vendors of social recruiting technology: TalentBin and Gozaik. Social sourcing tool TalentBin helps recruiters identify passive candidates on less commonly searched social media sites such as Quora, Meetup, GitHub and Stack Overflow, in addition to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Gozaik enables job hunters to create interactive resumes and perform aggregated Twitter job searches, and employers to post job listings on social media sites.

Monster is being relatively tightlipped about the reasoning behind the purchases. "The acquisition of TalentBin and Gozaik completes one key component of a larger strategy designed to help our business grow," Monster Worldwide President and CEO Sal Iannuzzi said in a press release. He added that the company will expound on the strategy at an investor briefing event in May.

Workday scoops up social sourcing and predictive analytics vendor

Workday Inc. has acquired Identified, a social sourcing and recruiting software vendor responsible for building SYMAN, an artificially intelligent job search engine. SYMAN analyzes Facebook data and parses out and structures pertinent information to help recruiters identify candidates.

Josh Bersin, president and CEO of Oakland, Calif.-based consultancy Bersin by Deloitte, wrote of the significance of the news in a recent Forbes article. According to Bersin, the potentially disruptive acquisition could prompt Workday to "build a social sourcing engine right into its platform." This would in turn have bearing on the Pleasanton, Calif.-based vendor's forthcoming recruitment product, scheduled for release this spring.

Identified could also be a boon to Workday's predictive analytics capabilities, Bersin wrote.

"Workday's implementation of Identified's technology could help build companies build predictive career paths, identify potential leaders, score managers on their leadership capabilities, predict flight risks, optimize the bonus pool, predict skills shortages and dozens of other applications," Bersin wrote. "These are all part of Workday's vision for their Big Data Analytics product, and Identified's technology and expertise will help accelerate the delivery of these solutions."

For their part, Adeyemi Ajao and Brendan Wallace, co-founders of Identified, pledged their support to this end. "As part of Workday, we will focus on enhancing search capabilities and accelerating the delivery of predictive analytics and machine learning throughout the entire suite of Workday applications," Ajao and Wallace said in a statement on Identified's website.

Employees apt to use mobile devices to view pay information, study finds

Mobile HR capabilities are starting to catch on among users, according to the ADP Research Institute, a research group within ADP, the Roseland, N.J.-based HR software and services company. In a recently released study, the institute found that of employees registered for either Web or mobile pay statement access, a higher proportion of users accessed pay information on a mobile device -- 37% compared with 23%, respectively.

Another finding in the study shows that employees using mobile devices to access pay information outnumber those accessing benefits information by nearly half. "The differences between Mobile Views per User for Pay versus Benefits may be explained, in part, by the frequency and regularity of paychecks," the institute wrote. However, "overall Mobile Page Views per User are consistently low, reflecting the nature of using mobile solutions: getting in, quickly accessing the desired information and then exiting the application."

The industries with the most employees accessing benefits and pay information on mobile devices were construction/natural resources/mining, manufacturing and trade, the study found.

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