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Oracle HCM Cloud: HR tools product overview

Oracle HCM Cloud human resource management software provides core HR functions a global workforce can use.

Oracle HCM Cloud is human resource management software that includes core HR functions. These functions are highlighted by a global payroll feature that helps companies administer employee payroll in multiple countries.

Oracle's talent management suite includes functions such as recruiting and onboarding employees; workforce management; employee learning and development; employee performance and succession planning; HR and talent analytics; and workforce rewards (used in pay for performance compensation).

The software also comes with embedded social services, mobile access and analytics that promote employee engagement and provide HR analytics and workforce modeling to help companies determine if they're meeting their human capital needs.

Oracle HCM Cloud may appeal to global companies, which need the ability to process payroll efficiently in different countries. This requires not only the ability to deal in local currencies, but also to conform and remain in conformance with HR and payroll regulatory requirements in a variety of countries. Oracle HCM Cloud simplifies global payroll management and administration for HR because it supports payroll processing and HR/payroll compliance in the U.S., Canada, China, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and the U.K.

Oracle HCM Cloud also offers a variable compensation system that meshes well with a variable, global workforce because the software enables HR to align compensation strategies with the goals and directives of different departments and business units throughout the enterprise -- regardless of where they're based. These variable compensation structures can be modeled in a variety of ways so they optimally align rewards with results, rewarding the company's top producers.

A major strength of Oracle HCM Cloud is its breadth. It enables companies to expand their global workforces without having to run disparate HR systems because Oracle HCM handles the HR needs in major global workforce locales. It also equips HR, departmental and line-of-business managers with workforce dashboards and reports that show them how their workforce is performing and who their top producers are. A further advantage is that companies can immediately onboard newly acquired organizations to the cloud. This bypasses the need to integrate the HR systems of these acquired companies with enterprise on-premises software.

Oracle HCM's current software version, release 10, includes new work-life applications such as Reputation Management, Employee Wellness, Competitions and Career Development. This software also features two new modules. The first is an HR help desk that enables  human resources to provide services and support to an employee who is dealing with a challenging situation, such as relocating to another country. The help desk automatically addresses the details  of such a process by answering questions about taxation, benefits coverage and performance management in the new country. The second new module, My Volunteering, is a work-life product that identifies employer-supported volunteer efforts and suggests volunteer opportunities that closely align with an employee's skills.

Oracle HCM is a cloud-based offering, so operating system compatibility isn't a concern. Companies can access the software in the cloud using a compatible browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari or Opera Browser.

A 30-day trial version of Oracle HCM Cloud is available. Prospective users can also try the software by visiting Oracle's website and requesting a demo.

Oracle HCM Cloud is available by subscription and includes support.

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