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HRIS software deployment challenges at Inova Health

Inova Health System HRIS Director Hong Le talks about the two main challenges when deploying new HRIS software.

Inova Health System, a Falls Church, Va.-based healthcare system, has about 14,000 employees. At any one time, the company is taking several hundred employees through the hiring, orientation and training process, also called HR onboarding. HRIS Director Hong Le recently led the company in a project that adopted HRIS software from Infor Enwisen.

In a separate article, Le talked about how HR onboarding is similar to her journey to America. In this piece, Le described the deployment challenges of adopting Enwisen HRIS software.

Hong Le: The deployment of the system was very smooth, but I learned two days after the go-live date of a little problem with the onboarding when importing new hire records. It created duplicate records and new employees could receive a couple welcome emails. So we had to spend a week [cleaning] it up.

Hong LeHong Le

Another thing I faced with Enwisen is that if an employee declines an offer, we have no way to stop the onboarding process. So the process continues and we cannot remove the records until we archive them. So that is another thing I think we have to keep an eye on, because when we see a lot of people accept the offer, [but then] change their mind and decline the offer, there is no way for me to stop the process inside Enwisen.

Other than that, it is a very good system. Nothing is perfect, but it is very good. After we got the new system, we did a new survey after 6 to 8 weeks and the employees are happy. The system is clear and easy to use, and employees are not confused.

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