HR tools overview: Ultimate Software UltiPro

Ultimate Software UltiPro is a suite of human resource management software that addresses talent acquisition.

Ultimate Software UltiPro is a cloud-based human capital management (HCM) suite that enables businesses to personalize talent acquisition; simplify payroll computations; manage time and attendance; and support proactive and strategic talent management. Its sweet spots are its lifecycle focus on employees from hiring to retirement coupled with an ability to administer varying human resource requirements for a global workforce, and the ability to provide HR with a ready-made analytics platform for talent management.

In addition, the Ultimate Software UltiPro HCM suite delivers software to manage recruiting, onboarding, benefits management, role-based access for managers and employees, payroll, legislative compliance, compensation management, performance management, succession management, career development, and business intelligence. Its collaborative talent software enables employees to be active participants in their own career development.

Supporting both U.S.- and Canada-based payroll, UltiPro can simplify payroll administration for HR departments that must handle many different payroll circumstances -- such as shift premiums, piecework and makeup pay, average pay rates for overtime calculations and garnishments, and levy calculations.

For midsize companies that wish to outsource payroll, UltiPro Services offers a payroll software as a service (SaaS) option that includes HR consulting services and cloud-based choices for payment services that handle tax filings and other pay-related services; processing and printing W-2 forms; and employee payroll check printing.

For HR organizations that want to get started with analytics, Ultimate Software UltiPro delivers business intelligence and analytics reports that assist in gathering information on workforce performance and then assessing how well the company's workforce is actually performing. As part of the overall talent management process, the software also identifies employees and company functional areas in need of specific skills and knowledge development.

The latest release of UltiPro includes expanded predictive and prescriptive analytics offerings, as well as a new organizational charting tool that helps employees better understand and navigate their organization's structure. In May 2016, Ultimate also acquired Vestrics, a predictive analytics company that brings additional strength to Ultimate’s workforce analytics products.

UltiPro talent management software also assesses employee retention risks and provides predictive analytics capabilities that can help an organization more proactively manage its talent. Analytics delivered by the UltiPro Retention Predictor predict the probability of an individual staying with the organization for 12 months. This tool is helpful for companies that want to retain their top performers. There's also the UltiPro High Performer Indicator, which identifies high performers in the organization; and the UltiPro High Performer Predictor, a statistical model that predicts the chances of an employee becoming a high performer. These tools help HR, department managers, and line managers understand their workforces and know who their key contributors are. Managers can use the analytics UltiPro High Performance Indicator to identify the employees with the highest upside potential so they can assist these individuals with career development and preparation for future key company roles.

Finally, there is UltiPro TouchBase, which simplifies labor data collection for midsize organizations that have an abundance of hourly employees. UltiPro TouchBase uses a tablet-based time clock where employees can enter their work start and end times, as well as kiosk-based time clock services that utilize touch screens. The data collected from these time clock devices is already integrated with UltiPro employee and payroll systems, which reduces the administrative time spent on hourly payroll in both HR and the end business.

Ultimate Software UltiPro is a cloud-based offering that runs on both Mac and PC. Supported browsers include Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome. Customers are always on the most recent version of the software, and software releases with new enhancements are issued multiple times each year.

Support services included with an Ultimate Software UltiPro subscription provide perpetual and unlimited training to customers, as well as a named account representative and 24/7 access to American Payroll Association (APA)-certified UltiPro consultants.

Ultimate Software provides a demonstration environment where prospective customers can try UltiPro's functionality before they buy.

UltiPro is sold by subscription on a per employee, per month basis. The product is sold through Ultimate Software's native sales force.

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