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HR tools overview: SAP SuccessFactors HCM suite

SAP's SuccessFactors HCM suite includes core HR modules, talent management modules and employee engagement tools.

SAP's SuccessFactors HCM suite includes core HR modules such as payroll, global employee benefits, time off and record keeping; talent management modules such as employee performance management, compensation management, succession management, learning, recruiting, onboarding, workforce planning, and workforce analytics; and employee engagement tools such as collaboration and social media.

As part of its talent management software, the SuccessFactors HCM suite offers training content development and virtual instruction from the cloud that's accessible through most standard Web browsers, as well as content as a service, which is available in the cloud for companies to store the learning content they develop. This is beneficial to companies that need to keep both employees and business partners updated on new regulations, compliance requirements and product updates.

SuccessFactors also uses the SAP Jam mobile communications product, which enables cross-company employee project collaboration over mobile devices. This also helps employees who are problem-solving to locate company experts in the problem areas; and for experts within the company to create training videos that can be routed to the mobile devices of employees who need the information.

In the analytics area, the SuccessFactors Workforce Planning module lets HR create what-if employee recruitment and development scenarios. With this module, HR and other key managers can evaluate the operational and financial costs of preparing employees and new hires to fill future skills needs.

For small and medium-size businesses with fewer than 500 employees that want to implement variable compensation, SuccessFactors offers a Perform & Reward Bundle compensation module. This package provides organizational charts with reporting lines and team structures; goals and performance management that align employee work with company strategy; and incentive plans that are linked to employee behavior. A simple setup wizard guides small companies through the process of creating a variable compensation system.

SuccessFactors HCM suite is a cloud-only software as a service offering. Users have the flexibility of selecting the software modules they wish to use. They pay a monthly subscription fee that's based either on the number of employee users of the software or on the amount of time or number of system modules used.

SuccessFactors HCM suite is sold directly through SAP or its third-party business partners. Multiple support options are available and can be tailored to client preferences and needs.

SuccessFactors HCM suite is updated four times per year. Recently added features and functions include the ability to better plan and manage skill gaps and workforce costs with visibility into the entire workforce; the ability to leverage and extend existing on-premises SAP solutions with cloud-based onboarding to help new hires and managers simplify the onboarding experience; and the new HR business partner role in the SuccessFactors Learning solution to help managers better manage training requirements for their employees.

In its first quarter 2016 release, SAP issued a new version of SAP Jam. This release features extended training and compliance tools for promoting the learning process, the ability to more granularly scale mentoring and development programs, and tasks for individual employees. The latest version also provides extensions to collaborative engagement with customers and business partners that blend both learning and support. 

SAP also extended the capabilities of SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals with the introduction of continuous performance management. This version enables employers and managers to use ongoing one-on-one check-ins on the status of activities and employee accomplishments.

With SuccessFactors, HR can also manage the entire HR process and provide needed services to stakeholders. At the top of the organization, executives can track workforce-related metrics and key performance indicators.

SuccessFactors Performance & Rewards software bundle for small businesses comes with a free trial version that includes the performance management and compensation modules. For midsize and large enterprises, SuccessFactors offers its more fully featured Enterprise Edition software bundle. SuccessFactors also offers access to its consultants on workforce planning best practices.

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