HR tools overview: Cornerstone OnDemand

Cornerstone offers a full suite of products focused on the entire employee talent lifecycle.

The Cornerstone OnDemand Talent Management suite focuses on the entire employee talent lifecycle -- from hiring and onboarding employees to employee training and management, measuring employee performance, and promoting employees. Cornerstone also offers a complement of employee engagement tools and a full roster of human resources support, training and consulting services.

Cornerstone enables organizations of all sizes and industries to subscribe to its software on a module-by-module basis. Companies with existing HR tools can simply add a compensation module that will allow them to apply pay-for performance as well as standard salary structures and add other modules as needed. This also helps companies that are operating with full HR software suites but need a succession planning system to address future leadership needs.

Cornerstone Connect social collaboration tools enable communications and collaboration between employees, and feature video training that's delivered over mobile devices. This is especially useful for service-oriented companies with crews in the field that must perform services for customers who might require training demos on new products.

Cornerstone also features versions of its HR tools tailored for the talent management needs of specific industry verticals, including federal, state and local government; finance; insurance; healthcare; higher education and K-12 education; professional service companies; manufacturing; and retail/commercial companies.

Cornerstone OnDemand is a cloud-based software as a service offering, so clients are always on the latest version of the software, and receive upgrades automatically. Because the software can be easily accessed from the cloud via an Internet browser, there are no hardware or operating system compatibility issues.

New features of Cornerstone OnDemand include Cornerstone Onboarding, which is designed to improve the new hire experience and productivity from day one, and video learning for Cornerstone Mobile, which enables employees to take training via video from any device. For those desiring analytics for their talent management, Cornerstone has a set of proprietary business intelligence tools it uses to provide access to more than 200 standard reports, as well as a custom reporting function HR staff can use to develop its own reports for talent management performance and compliance measurement. The analytics tools also facilitate the development of summary-level talent management dashboards for company executives and managers.

Cornerstone OnDemand is available as a subscription service and is typically priced based on number of users. The product is sold directly through Cornerstone's own global sales force and participating business partners. Cornerstone also offers technical consulting services, which are offered separately from the software as an add-on, pay-for service.

Cornerstone OnDemand doesn't offer a free trial version of its HR tools, but it does feature an online demo that allows you to try the software before you buy.

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