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HR software customers speak out: Six stories

We've rounded up our most compelling human resources software case studies for a diverse sampling of peer-to-peer advice.

Whether it's a book, gadget, food or article of clothing, people today want to see reviews before they buy almost anything, and websites like Yelp and Amazon make such consumer research possible. But where can human resources software buyers turn for honest reviews before plunking down serious chunks of company cash?

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SearchFinancialApplications editors are constantly speaking to HR software customers using a variety of products, getting real talk about what works -- and what doesn't. Here are six of the most compelling HR software case studies on the site, with forthright opinions from business leaders who are using tools for functions from core HR to talent assessment and acquisition to workforce management. Happy researching -- and check back regularly for more user and expert advice.

1) Sales VP says Talent Analytics bolsters gut feeling in hiring

Swayne Hill, senior vice president of sales for marketing lead generation company Mintigo, said he implemented Talent Analytics in part because "it's really, really expensive to make a bad hire." To get his young company off the ground, Hill is incorporating scores from the talent assessment tool's behavioral survey into the hiring process to find the best and brightest sales reps. Although the HR software has started to reveal scoring patterns among high performers, he said the reporting capabilities could use some work.

2) Groupon recruiter uses TalentBin to find passive candidates

Recruiters know that active candidates -- those applying for positions on job board sites like Monster, CareerBuilder and Craigslist -- are not the most valuable. Instead, workers highly in demand are often employed at an organization's competition, and recruiters are looking for them. The advent of social media has made it easier for recruiters to find these so-called "passive candidates" via Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter profiles. But according to Groupon recruiter Elliott Garms, TalentBin takes it one step further by crawling over lesser-known specialty sites. But he was quick to point out that the sourcing software isn't a silver bullet.

3) Nonprofit organization ramps up employee self-service with Ceridian Dayforce

Lutheran Homes of Michigan's implementation of Software as a Service (SaaS) human capital management (HCM) system Ceridian Dayforce uncovered inconsistent policies at different sites, which required standardization. The elder care nonprofit also contended with user adoption issues. Although the results have been positive, notably in employee self-service, Todd Seibt, chief support officer, came away with three lessons learned. "A longer [implementation] onramp is better, more training is better and parallel testing will uncover glitches," he said. 

4) Ocean Spray uses HireVue video recruitment software for interviews on demand

When Martin Mitchell, senior manager of talent and diversity for Ocean Spray Cranberries Inc., calculated that the employment screening process was taking two hours per candidate, he signed on with HireVue. The video recruitment software enables candidates to record a video interview that hiring managers can watch at their convenience, which Mitchell said has saved time and money.

5) Berkeley College rolls out integrated HCM with UltiPro

Should HCM buyers mix and match core HR and talent management products, or invest in an integrated platform? While she wasn't involved with the decision to deploy Ultimate Software's UltiPro for comprehensive HCM, Yvonne Ruiz, senior HRIS analyst at Berkeley College, said it was a smart choice to stick with one vendor for a wide array of functions including payroll, time and attendance, onboarding and performance management. However, insufficient vendor support created a problem during the organization's rapid implementation.

6) Kronos Workforce Mobile allows Valley Power Systems' technicians to clock in from the road

When Ramona Fierro, director of HR at Valley Power Systems Inc., was on the hunt for new time and attendance software, she initially didn't know that mobile was an option. But once she learned of Kronos' Workforce Mobile (the only mobile time and attendance offering at the time), the decision was easy, as the power services company's technicians were constantly traveling. Although she faced user adoption hurdles, a clever technique of designating one early adopter at each of the company's 14 branches helped to lessen resistance and identify system snags while the product was still in limited use.

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