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A talent management strategy is needed for buying software

In one of IT's most-saturated markets, organizations need guidance before buying. Here are five tips to help make shopping more fun.

Talent management is one of the most crowded technology markets in IT. According to Katherine Jones, a Bersin by Deloitte analyst for human capital management technology, just 1% of market share can represent a substantial user base for vendors. Follow these tips from her and others on choosing and then using software that's right for you -- and you'll have a winning talent management strategy.

  • Mind the integration gap. If you plan to buy multiple talent management modules from a single vendor, make sure to ask about the integration between them. Many talent management platforms were created through acquisition, and vendors don't always do adequate behind-the-scenes work to make acquired modules integrate seamlessly with ones developed in-house.
  • Determine your No. 1 priority. Talent management systems tend to be strong in some modules and weak in others. Before you buy, discuss which one is most important to your company, and look for a vendor with a strong offering in that area.
  • Use automation as a springboard for change. If your company is moving to talent management software from paper-based regimens, take the opportunity to re-evaluate your talent management strategy and processes. Don't re-create redundant or confusing processes.
  • Make your vendor shortlist longer. There are lots of solid talent management software options; a 2013 IDC industry report named seven market leaders. Investigating vendors big and small won't just ensure that you get the software that best meets your needs -- you might just score a deal if you play your cards right.
  • Practice good change management. Since talent management software is often rolled out to an organization's entire workforce, getting employees to use the system is critical. Ensure that all employees know about the new technology and have proper training.
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