Talent management system essential guide

Last updated:August 2013

Editor's note

Although HR is a people-oriented profession, HR managers are looking more and more to technology to help transform their processes. The "war for talent" is on, and talent management systems are especially hot in today's HR technology market.

Talent management systems are made up of four modules that are sometimes referred to as pillars: recruitment, performance management, corporate learning and compensation management. Companies can either buy so-called best-of-breed products for each function from a variety of vendors, or an integrated package from a single vendor.

In this guide, learn about the technology and market forces at play in the world of talent management systems, and what they mean for HR buyers. Read best practices and advice from experts and HR practitioners on the daily management and use of talent management systems, and get definitions for common terms. When you've finished reading, put your new knowledge to work by taking a short quiz.

1The rise of the talent management suite

In addition to the technology changing, the talent management market has been fairly tumultuous in recent few years. Because buyers are becoming more interested in purchasing software for all four pillars from a single talent management suite vendor, the market is rapidly consolidating through acquisitions and partnerships. With experts predicting more consolidation on the horizon, read the stories in this section to discover why talent management suites are rising in popularity, learn which vendors are the predominant leaders in talent management and get tips on how to avoid integration challenges.

2Tips for buying and implementing talent management systems

It's helpful to have an understanding of the major trends affecting talent management, but what about the micro level -- the software vetting process and day-to-day use of talent management systems? This section contains valuable user anecdotes and expert advice that can help HR buyers select the right talent management system and implement it successfully.

3Apply what you've learned

After reviewing the above sections, test your smarts with this short quiz.