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Making the shift to continuous performance management

In this guide, business leaders and analysts discuss the growing use of software to provide continuous feedback among employees and the reasons the tools can encourage collaboration and improve business results.


Continuous performance management is a raging trend in HR -- as hot as machine learning, chat bots and predictive analytics and just as capable of disrupting HR technology and processes.

Long one of the pillars of HR, performance management is becoming continuous, or more frequent, at many companies. As businesses focus on teams and become less hierarchical, many are scrapping scaled ratings of employees, streamlining annual reviews and using software to encourage constant feedback and coaching.

General Electric, once noted for "stack ranking" employees depending on their performance, adopted continuous performance management for 180,000 salaried employees and deployed an in-house mobile application. The method is also used at other big companies such as Schneider Electric, Accenture, Adobe and Deloitte Consulting.

Software vendors are providing tools to meet the demand and automate the process.

SAP, for example, introduced a continuous performance management application that facilitates frequent feedback among employees and then stores achievements and feedback to allow easier completion of annual reviews. Newer vendors such as Reflektive, Zugata and TINYpulse provide similar applications.

Forrester Research examined continuous performance management and found that the method can boost business outcomes partly by improving collaboration and freeing managers from completing multipage annual reviews that require a lot of time.

Forrester cited BetterWorks, 7Geese and Workboard for offering continuous performance management to improve Objectives and Key Results, a method for managing goals.

While at least one critic says it can be distracting or open to abuse, especially if the feedback is anonymous, the change to continuous performance management is expected to accelerate. In a report, Deloitte said the trend will continue to disrupt HR technology in "a massive way."

1Choosing products-

Tips and tools for deploying continuous performance management

A wide array of applications is available to help HR executives implement an effective and worthwhile program for continuous performance management. In this package of stories, analysts and business executives discuss the impact of new tools. And users at several companies discuss their efforts to launch programs and inspire employees to participate.


Forrester says vendors are breaking new ground in performance management

Continuous performance appraisals provide more business value, according to a Forrester report, which also lists upstart vendors with breakthrough products. Continue Reading


Halogen and SAP recognized for new applications

An industry conference highlights vendors offering mobile applications to support continuous employee feedback. Continue Reading


Kanjoya develops machine learning to automate performance evaluations

A user recommends Kanjoya software, saying it streamlines review writing and links performance with engagement. Continue Reading


SAP may approve continuous performance management

SAP is testing the effectiveness of its own application, with an eye toward possibly implementing continuous performance management for 80,000 workers across the globe. In the meantime, SAP is retaining annual reviews. Continue Reading


Nudges and cheers to boost performance

Managers at Schneider Electric and Appster explain why they use BetterWorks and 7Geese, respectively, to help employees benefit from continuous feedback. The software also connects and aligns individual goals with the overarching aims of the organizations. Continue Reading

2News and trends-

Why companies are overhauling performance management

Companies are seeking to engage employees with a new type of performance management that encourages participation in weekly feedback or daily huddles along with frequent updating of goals. This section describes why companies such as General Electric, Deloitte Consulting, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Adobe are adopting continuous performance management to supplement or supplant annual reviews and scaled ratings. It also examines why the trend is speeding up and how software can help organizations scale new ways to evaluate and motivate workers.


Continuous performance management rocks HR in 2016

Analysts explain why performance reviews are a dominant topic in human capital management. Continue Reading


Performance evaluations still needed for pay and promotions

An expert explains that performance management may be more frequent, but the aim still is to help determine an employee's pay and future success. Continue Reading


Companies embrace frequent feedback with new software

Two companies discuss their use of TINYpulse software for continuous performance management, while a law professor says the method is potentially divisive and should be tested first. Continue Reading


General Electric drops scaled ratings, calling them demotivating

General Electric caused a national stir when it killed employee ratings this year and began using a simple annual review, along with an in-house application for quick feedback among employees. Continue Reading


Performance reviews provide 'gold mine of data'

Continuous performance management software can link the goals of employees to a company's overall aims and generate reams of data for HR analytics. Continue Reading

3Case studies-

Users weigh their picks for performance management vendors

Companies face difficult and diverse choices in selecting a vendor for continuous performance management. In these articles, business leaders talk about how they structure performance management and the reasons they purchased products.


Workboard focuses on teamwork and goals

Memorial Health System and TeraRecon use Workboard as a platform for tracking goals, improving teams and real-time communication. Workboard also reduces reliance on email. Continue Reading


Zugata allows more honest criticism with anonymous feedback

An HR leader at Gainsight explains how the company is promoting anonymous feedback among employees and why the unusual approach works at her company. Continue Reading


SAP SuccessFactors enables different types of performance programs

Senior managers at three different companies testify to the flexibility of SuccessFactors for performance management. Each uses the software in different ways to guide employees. Continue Reading


Tango helps HR manager embrace performance management

Lindsey Zan implemented SilkRoad Life Suite to revamp performance management at her company. She also finds inspiration in the tango and uses Dilbert to lighten the mood during the review process. Continue Reading


DigitalOcean hooked on Reflektive for performance management

An executive at a rapidly growing company discusses why performance management should be ongoing. Matt Hoffman also says that change needs to be managed to be effective. Continue Reading

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