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April 2015

Fill in the gaps in your talent management strategy

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The boom in talent management technology has brought sweeping changes to many organizations' HR systems and processes. A company looking to improve hiring practices should reflect the potential of that technology in its talent management strategy.

Areas to consider are brain games and analytics tools, which may be the new frontier for a company's talent management strategy. Potential employees -- including young, fresh talent in their final years of college -- can play neuroscience games and take talent assessments offered by companies such as Pymetrics and RoundPegg Inc. and find themselves matched with potential employers. These new toys and tools can be fun, but companies also should look over the business processes they already have and ensure such processes are integrated with each other. In this three-part guide, learn about integrating talent management business processes -- and find out how to take advantage of new technology that aims to help companies hire, retain and cultivate personnel.

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Dan Ring - News Writer

Dan Ring covers finance and HR technology for ...Read More

Table Of Contents

  • Employee assessment software matches job hopefuls
  • Analytics tools help gauge employee potential
  • Do you need to rethink talent management?

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