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Reference checking software is programming that automates the process of contacting and questioning the references of job applicants. Reference checking software is intended to help human capital management professionals become more efficient and obtain detailed and reliable information about potential employees.

The software saves time by minimizing the number of phone calls between an employer and a job applicant's reference. It can also reduce costs because it ends the need to pay recruiters to check references. In many cases the references are more truthful and straightforward because the software protects their anonymity. References receive an email with a link to a survey and are informed that they will not be identified in a report containing responses from other references. They answer about 20 questions on the skills and conduct of a candidate by checking numbers on a Likert scale, similar to that used for employee reviews. Surveys can be tailored for different professions.

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Reference checking software can also be used as a recruiting tool and integrated with an applicant tracking system. Vendors for reference checking software include ExactHire, HealthCare Source, OutMatch and SkillSurvey.

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