corporate travel management software

Corporate travel management (CTM) software is a computer program or suite designed to oversee, regulate, and coordinate the travel activities and expenses of a company's employees. Effective CTM software can conduct many of the tasks traditionally done by human travel managers.

The ideal CTM software can make arrangements such as hotel and airline reservations, manage the travel schedules of individual employees, coordinate the schedules of all members of the travel team, take advantage of frequent traveler discounts, and ensure that employees have all necessary visas and other documentation if traveling outside of the country. Other features may include:

  • Local and regional weather forecasts.
  • Detailed road maps.
  • Tax payment and reporting.
  • Automatic expense reporting.
  • Automated timesheets to keep track of employee hours.
  • Locating optimum marketing targets.
  • Locating potential danger zones.
  • Political status updates.
  • Travel agency support.



This was last updated in March 2012

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