Atlassian HipChat is software that allows employees to collaborate, work as teams and manage goals, all in real time, whether they work in the same office building or are located around the world. One-on-one or group chat is the foundation of the software. HipChat also offers video, group screen sharing and document exchange.

HipChat works on a wide variety of devices including smartphones, desktop computers and tablets running  Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android and iOS. It also is tailored for wearables such as Apple Watch and Android Wear.

Through a technical backbone called HipChat Connect, the software allows users to interact with other apps they may use. Users do not have to leave chat and go to a web-based application, for example,  to interact with that application or a document in many cases. HipChat is partly written in Python using the Twisted Networking Framework. It also uses native applications developed for each platform, including Android, iOS, Mac OS and Windows.

HipChat was started by Chris Rivers, Garret Heaton and Pete Curley and acquired in 2012 by Atlassian, an enterprise software vendor based in Sydney, Australia. Cloud-based HipChat is offered in two tiers, including one that is free for teams of all sizes. A second, which costs $2 per user per month, provides group video and screen sharing and comes with unlimited storage for files and messages. HipChat is also offered on premise or private cloud if a company is seeking extra privacy or regulatory compliance.

HipChat's growth can be measured by the number of instant messages. While it took three years after launch, or until mid-2013 to cross 1 billion messages, HipChat currently does 1 billion every seven weeks or so and is planning to scale for 1 billion a day. HipChat integrates with other key products from Atlassian, including Confluence for creating project plans and other long-form content and Jira for managing tasks and workflow.

This was last updated in December 2016

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