HR service delivery

HR service delivery is a term used to explain how an organization's human resources department offers services to and interacts with employees. Traditionally, human resources service delivery was as simple as an open door policy where employees could stop in, ask questions and pick up needed paperwork. Today the HR service delivery model -- fueled by mobile applications and cloud computing -- is undergoing rapid evolution to reflect the demographic changes in the workforce.

HR service delivery models

Employers can use a variety of HR service delivery methods to be effective in reaching employees. Tiered service delivery sends employees through an intranet or web-based portal to find information on their own. Some studies have shown up to two-thirds of employees can successfully navigate these options if they are presented correctly, though there is a move away from a classic intranet towards more information-rich and interactive platforms that resemble social media. Other delivery trends include a mobile employee self-service and centralized HR service delivery using a call center.

Importance of HR service delivery

Millennials represent a growing percentage of the workforce, and they take the concepts of customer service and self-service seriously. In the workplace, that means a human resources department must be equipped to offer HR service delivery and employee engagement efforts using tools millennials are comfortable with. Employee engagement tools such as gamification and social media platforms are therefore considered part of a modern HR service delivery program. And case management tools can help identify which areas of HR service delivery are working and which might need improvement.

Benefits of HR service delivery

Following the best practices of HR service delivery can result in improved employee retention and even improvements in recruitment. Successful service delivery will also lessen the HR workload, leaving time and energy for other critical tasks. If service delivery is done correctly, management will have an accurate snapshot of employee satisfaction, productivity and other factors.

This was last updated in July 2018

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