Your guide to buying a talent management system

Last updated:September 2017

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Editor's note

The war for talent has been waged for years, affecting the landscapes of industries and infrastructures of organizations. As companies vie with each other for top-tier talent, they need to arm themselves with a talent management system to help them acquire, develop and retain employees.

This guide helps define talent management software by explaining what it does, presenting the business cases for it and showcasing some of the top vendors in the market today to help you select the best talent management system for your company.

If your business intends to enter the fray and compete in the war for talent, then the need for a talent management system is obvious. In this guide, we present several scenarios in which businesses find themselves needing talent management software or seeking an upgrade.

Current models of talent management have five pillars that capture the entirety of the employee lifecycle. A talent management system manages these pillars, aiding companies with recruitment and onboarding; performance management; succession planning; learning and development; and compensation management. For the purposes of this guide, we've selected only the talent management software vendors that cover all five pillars.

This guide also shows how to assess and choose talent management software. Evaluating a talent management system starts internally. Identifying its own processes and needs is where a company should start before investigating which talent management system to choose. Competing in the war for talent doesn't mean getting the best talent management software out there. It means finding the talent management system that best meets the needs of the company.

1The business case for a talent management system

Learn about the different business cases where an enterprise would need to buy talent management software or upgrade an existing HR system.

2Need-to-know criteria for buying a talent management system

Discover the notable functions and capabilities that talent management systems have and what you should look for when evaluating what talent management software would be best for your business.

3Finding the right talent management system for you

Learn about the top talent management software vendors so you can select the product that best meets your organization's needs.

4Looking at the top talent management systems today

The talent management software market offers a range of vendors for you to consider. Read this roundup of the different talent management systems available today -- their capabilities, pricing information and deployment options.