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H-1B lottery change may drive increase in visa applicants

The U.S. is launching an H-1B electronic registration system in March. It should make the process of applying for a visa easier, users say. That is if it works.


HR tech choices: Old vendor or new?

An analyst explains why legacy HRMS vendors can be slow to offer the latest technology -- and why newer, more innovative players carry their own risks.


How to create an upskilling, reskilling strategy

Just say 'no' to a skills gap and high turnover with upskilling and reskilling. Here's a look at the ins and outs of these important talent management concepts.


As hiring booms, HR survey raises warning for recruiters

Job candidates will reject a job offer if the employer makes missteps in the recruiting process, a new HR survey reports.

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    Employee engagement measurement tips

    Far too many organizations and their HR departments conduct employee engagement measurement in a way that does more harm than good. Here's how to get it right.

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    augmented learning

    Augmented learning (AL) is the use of real-life experiences, objects and elements that have been recreated on a computer or mobile device to enhance specific educational concepts.

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    How Panasonic ramped up its talent analytics initiative

    Lydia Wu, head of talent analytics at the electronics manufacturer's North America division, says just do your best and use the simple tools you already have.

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