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Workday is creating a universal skills dictionary

Workday is creating a universal skills ontology, a feature made available in its most recent platform version update. Users opt in to share data for a 'skills cloud.'


LinkedIn plans to release applicant tracking system

LinkedIn has developed an ATS platform and acquired employee engagement vendor, Glint. Its likely goal: Become a full-service talent management provider.

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How Infor's AI-powered screening tool can help retention

An AI-powered screening tool can make a difference with hiring and retention. Here's what happened when Infor used its Talent Science tool internally.

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The promise, the reality and the hype of AI in HR

The AI washing of technology is real, and it's confusing tech buying teams across companies, including those looking for AI in HR. Here's how to get past that hype.

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    How to turn your company into a talent destination

    With a competitive hiring market where top talent is the prize, every HR and recruiting team needs to develop a marketing strategy to attract top-notch candidates. Here's how.

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    employee resource groups (ERGs)

    Employee resource groups are workplace clubs or more formally realized affinity group organized around a shared interest or identity.

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    Cloud HR is where most innovation happens

    The leading edge of 'intelligent' HR technology resides in SaaS, fueled by the cloud's computing power and storage. But getting machines to predict human behavior is challenging.

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