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HR technologies solidify HR employee experience near and far

Culture, physical and virtual workspaces, and policies play key roles in fostering worker loyalty and engagement -- with the help of the right HR technologies.


HR recruiters reverse interview roles with candidates

As demand for technology talent persists, even during pandemic times, AI, chatbots and machine learning play an increasingly critical role in hiring choosy candidates.


Compass Coffee's post-pandemic plan starts with bulk hiring

The owners of Compass Coffee believe that most HR functions can be automated and there's no need for an HR staff. It's now looking at bulk hiring to speed up its reopening.


Top 10 return-to-office guidelines HR and business leaders need now

Companies that are reopening offices will need to plan for an entirely different model than what preceded the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are 10 guidelines that can make it easier.

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    4 steps to building a business case for a new HR system

    HR leaders who want a new software system must conduct in-depth research to understand strategic technology needs and use those to build a strong business case. Here are some tips on doing just that.

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    5 keys to creating an employee journey map

    This handy guide shows you how to build your own employee journey map, which is more important than ever as the coronavirus disrupts workforces across the globe.

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    employee life cycle

    Employee life cycle -- also spelled employee lifecycle -- is an HR model that identifies the different stages a worker advances through in an organization in, as well as the role HR plays in optimizing that progress.

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