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Workforce analytics is the application of big data analytics to the broadest questions of workforce management, such as where to find needed skills, how to provide competitive compensation and the best ways to train and motivate employees. Here you'll find information about trends and best practices in predictive analytics and other types of workforce analytics software.

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  • Visier

    Cloud-based vendor Visier sells software for workforce analytics and workforce planning. Visier promotes its software's predictive analytics capabilities, data mining and visualization tools, and the software's ability to help match the number of ... Continue Reading

  • human capital management (HCM)

    In an organization that supports human capital management (HCM), employees are viewed as assets with quantifiable value that can be increased using specific management techniques and HCM software tools. Continue Reading

  • To add business value, HR and finance must work together

    HR and finance need to share data. The metrics that finance uses and the metrics that HR uses, brought together, can help to measure an organization's success. Continue Reading

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