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With many Baby Boomers retiring, companies need to plan for the next leaders, and those in the Generation X and Millennial generations will need training to fill the vacated roles. This resource tackles why succession planning software is critical in light of these workforce changes, criteria for choosing the best software, how to create a successful succession planning process, and other expert advice for cultivating talented leaders that give your company the competitive edge.

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  • talent pipeline

    A talent pipeline is a pool of candidates who are qualified to assume open positions that have been newly created or vacated through retirement or promotion. Having a talent pipeline ensures that roles will not go unfilled for long periods or that ... Continue Reading

  • succession planning

    Succession planning is the process of identifying internal candidates for leadership or other key roles within a company. Continue Reading

  • workforce planning

    Workforce planning is a set of procedures that an organization can implement to maintain the most efficient employee/management team possible, maximizing profits and ensuring long-term success. Continue Reading

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