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April 2017, Vol. 5, No. 2

AI in HR: Artificial intelligence to bring out the best in people

Whenever there's a need to draft a job description, Expedia Inc.'s 3,000-plus recruiters and hiring managers have the option to call on a writing coach. The online travel-booking company's writing companion is Textio Inc., an artificial intelligence application that runs in the cloud and analyzes each typewritten word in milliseconds to spot gender bias or other language that might turn off good candidates. The software generates an effectiveness score and suggests alternative phrasing, in effect teaching the recruiter how to write a job description more effectively. Textio is just one of many recent applications of AI in HR. The oft-derided, overhyped and misunderstood technology is undergoing a renaissance in businesses, and that includes human resources, the department that's arguably the most focused on people. "It's eye-opening to many of [our recruiters] to see really low scores -- that their original writing or some version of a [job description] that they received was not well written," said Lisa Christensen, a director ...

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