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Why your HR department needs an AI strategy

In this Q&A, HR analyst Jeanne Meister explains how AI will transform the way companies deal with talent and how HR departments can transform disruption into a competitive edge.


Blockchain's impact on HR is a question

Blockchain in HR verification is getting interest from universities, vendors and startups. There are powerful forces driving its adoption but also forces that may work against it.


HR analytics for better people management

Getting insight into your workforce can reveal everything from training issues to the reasons for turnover or missed corporate goals. Here's what you need to know.


Ceridian CIO responsibilities run full gamut of IT

You might say Warren Perlman, CIO at Ceridian, a global HCM software company, has been preparing for the role of CIO all his life -- ever since he got his first computer at age 6.

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    GDPR will affect American HR tech companies

    In this podcast, an HR tech expert discusses how GDPR rules governing employee and personal data for the European Union require all companies doing business in the EU to comply.

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    organizational network analysis (ONA)

    Organizational network analysis (ONA) is a quantitative method for modeling and analyzing how communications, information, decisions and resources flow through an organization.

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    Top features for talent management systems

    Go beyond the marketing hype, and dig beneath the surface to identify the not-so-obvious features you need to assemble a talent management suite that can grow with your company.

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